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We are growing our business and will be adding more products as we learn and expand our animal inventory. Currently we have:

Pastured Poultry Chicken Broilers. Our birds are Cornish/Rock crosses.
These will be 3-7# whole chickens that are processed here at the farm.
We are planning to be butchering chickens every 2 to 3 weeks during the summer.
They are available to be picked up fresh within the first 48-72 hours after slaughter or frozen after that. Cost is $4.50/lb. Call or e-mail us to place an order.
We have frozen chickens available any time.
Live chickens are available for special orders.
We now have smoked frozen chickens available. They are fully cooked then refrozen. $5.75/lb for whole. Variable pricing on boneless breasts, thighs, drumsticks, wings

Turkeys - $25 deposit.  Available in time for Thanksgiving and Christmas. White broad-breasted. Reserve your order now at any of our Farmers Market locations.
We also have a limited supply of Ground Turkey, Breast, legs, and wings available at our Markets

Goat We have a small herd of meat goats. The goats are sold live so you can have them processed to your own specifications. Let us know what size you want and we will reserve it for you. Also you can preorder 'Bottle Babies' for next year they will be $150+ each. They will be dehorned and very friendly. If you would like one please let us know by February or March so we can prepare them.

Pork - Custom orders must be in half or whole pigs. We have 5 Breeder pigs, 16 piglets, and 3 animals for slaughter. Depending on the orders we get they will either be sold via whole, half, or taken to USDA slaughter. Estimated 200lbs per animal hanging weight. Prices are $3.50/lb hanging weight; Slaughter,cut, wrap, and smoking are extra (Bacon will be raw side pork if not smoked).

We now have Beef available for purchase. Custom orders of Beef are in whole, half, or quarter (half a half). We have 5 Beef available for custom order. 400 - 600 lb hanging weight. Prices are $3.50/lb hanging weight; Slaughter,cut, and wrap are extra.

Deposits are required for custom slaughter: Pigs $100 for a half and $200 for whole. Beef $100 for "quarter", $200 for half, $400 for whole. Reserve your order now at any of our Farmers Market locations.

Custom Beef and Pork
Only sold from the farm or via pick up from the butcher. delivery options available on request.

USDA Certified Beef and Pork
Sold by the package at the farm, farmers markets, or via special order. Delivery is available on request.

Grass Hay
available year around. Quality, weed-free 50-60# bales. Delivery available. Quantity discounts.
Chicken Feed
-  Starter and grower. Soy and corn free. Non-GMO. Pick up at the farm. Please bring your own bucket or bag.

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